"A problem well-stated is half-solved."

Charles Kettering

Where's the margins?

Before becoming a freelance content specialist, I was primarily focused on the interesting and dynamic world of channel business. With comments from experts in the IT channel industry, here are features on some relevant topics that channel partners continue to find answers to. 

Why certifications can make all the difference for partners

Increasingly customers are demanding to work with those partners who have a high-level of certifications. Reseller ME speaks to industry players to understand how channel partners can stay ahead of the curve by achieving relevant certifications and undergoing extensive training programmes. Dynamic technological evolution is compelling regional channel players to increase their focus on training and certifications. In such an environment, channel partners need to create a differentiation for the

A class of its own

Multi-function printers (MFP) have been around since the early 1990s. In fact, today it will be hard to buy just a printer. Invariably it will have other functions; the MFP mainly includes scanning, copying, faxing and of course printing. Through certain MFPs, users can even email. One of the advantages of the MFP is the space-saving factor. Instead of making space for different equipment, companies just need to allocate space for one machine. Over the last few years, colour MFPs have developed

Profiting on IPv6

IPv6 is no longer an unknown subject. Launched officially last year, the 128-bit IPv6 became necessary as the supply of 32-bit internet addresses on IPv4 began to run out. As more than 2 billion internet users are present globally and the number of devices connected to the web are increasing at a rapid rate, the newer version was designed to provide infinitely times more addresses compared to IPv4. However, the challenge today is the adoption of IPv6. The Middle East region has seen a significa

How partners can customise offerings for government sector

Recent Gartner report revealed that governments in the Middle East and North Africa markets are expected to spend $11.6 billion on IT products and services in 2017. In such a scenario, we speak to experts to discover how resellers can customise their offerings and approach to be the preferred partners for the regional government sector. GCC governments are in the midst of ensuring they are at the forefront of digital transformation, which is increasingly becoming a priority for most organisatio

How to profit from the Internet of Things era

IDC predicts global spending on Internet of Things (IoT) to reach nearly $1.1 trillion by 2021. Reseller ME discovers how channel partners can capitalise on the opportunities with this technology as customers look to invest in the infrastructure that enable IoT. The adoption of Internet of Things (IoT)in the Middle East region is projected to rise over the next few years as customers digitise their operations and enhance productivity. IDC expects IoT to grow to a value of $1.1 trillion in 2021

Partners should cash in on data centre transformation, says experts

Reseller ME examines the prospects for channel partners as organisations look to modernise data centre infrastructures and assets in the digital era. Organisations rely on technologies to accelerate business growth and efficiencies. Increasing workloads have driven firms to transform data centres to cater to demands in the digital era. Data is the single most important asset for an organisation and the way it is stored, archived, accessed, analysed and backed up spells out how successful a busi

Can AI be partners’ play too?

Artificial intelligence (AI) market is generating immense buzz within the industry, just in its nascent stage. Reseller ME explores if channel partners have a role to play and how they can tap into the prospects successfully. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that is around 60 years old, the term was coined at a Dartmouth College Conference organised by John McCarthy, an American computer scientist and inventor in 1956. However, even before that, English mathematician Alan Turing ha

Why partners need to bet on SMB

Contributing a large chunk to the Middle East economy, small and medium sized businesses (SMB) comprise the majority of regional organisations. Reseller ME examines trends and factors driving growth in this segment. Technology vendors are increasingly creating solutions and building strategies specifically targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). With the advent of cloud and evolving consumption models, vendors are now capitalising on the extensive market potential and opportunities t

What technology channel partners can expect in 2018

Industry stalwarts share the latest trends and technologies expected to shape the regional channel industry over the course of 2018. The regional IT channel industry has had a challenging year in 2017. Channel credit and financing, low margins and currency fluctuations were some of the bigger problems that have left a mark on partner businesses last year. Mario Veljovic, general manager, VAD Technologies, adds that it was a difficult year especially for channel business in the larger markets s

Unlocking business prospects in Kuwait

Kuwait was recently classified as an emerging market by global index provider FTSE Russell, reflecting the country’s progress across verticals. We examine the opportunities present for channel business. Located at the northern most part of the Gulf, the State of Kuwait is nestled between influential neighbours Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Rich in oil, the country owns about six percent of the world’s oil reserves. According to HKTDC Research, oil exports account for over 90 percent of Kuwaiti govern

Why partners should stop grey market trading in the region

The issue of channel players trading in the grey market and disrupting business continues to plague the industry even today. We speak to experts to find out if concrete measures can be taken to counter this age-old problem. Grey market refers to an unofficial market where the products sold have not been released by the original manufacturer. While counterfeit products are unauthorised replicas of the original product. The regional channel industry has been grappling with both challenges for yea

How partners can accelerate cloud business in today's era

Asim Saud AlJammaz, VP, AlJammaz Distribution, shares insights into partners’ cloud business and how its recently unveiled cloud marketplace can aid them to accelerate business. Cloud has been a popular term over the last couple of years. How have cloud solutions enabled reseller partners to accelerate business growth? Only few regional channel partners have played effectively in the cloud business. Most of them are still focusing on the traditional business or selling licenses on the cloud ra

How partners can get proficient in reselling smart solutions today

With digital and smart solutions gaining a wider adoption as organisations drive automation, reseller partners have never been better positioned to cater to these growing requirements. Reseller ME finds out how partners can resell smart and connected solutions more efficiently. As smart technologies become integrated with daily lives and business processes, reseller partners must undertake a bigger role and become proficient in presenting these solutions to customers. The opportunities in this

Examining service providers challenges in today's business

As regional customers demand increased levels of efficiency, transparency and flexibility, service providers have their work cut out for them. Reseller ME speaks to industry players to understand how they can address these evolving demands and have a successful business. Transformation is synonym with business growth and development today. Organisations are seeking high-tech solutions which can aid its advancement into the digital era. In such an environment, service providers need to carve a n

Why regional partners should invest in marketing initiatives

Most reselling businesses are entrepreneurial in nature and lack dedicated resources for marketing. We speak to regional players across the channel ecosystem to learn how possessing marketing skills can transform a business. ‘Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.’ Channel partners should keep in mind marketer Joe Chernov’s views when devising their marketing strategies. While meeting the revenue expectations is the primary objective for any

Why partner trainings are vital for the channel business

Inadequate skillsets and lack of effective trainings around existing and emerging technologies continue to be one of the biggest challenges in the regional IT channel. Reseller ME speaks to industry players to understand how trainings can be made an intrinsic part and parcel of everyday channel business. Stakeholders across the technology spectrum are grappling with finding and retaining resources with adequate skillsets to efficiently handle new and emerging technologies. In the dynamic world

How partners can leverage social media

Industry experts share insights on the opportunities social media offers to regional partners for marketing strategies. The growth of social media platforms and trends are increasingly posing as optimal opportunities for channel partners to promote and market their operations. While traditional marketing methods are effective, KS Parag, value-added distributor FVC’s managing director, believes utilising professional social media platforms offers additional avenues for channel-led firms to comm

Prospects in peripherals: opportunities for tech channel partners

Industry experts reveal how technology channel partners can capitalise on the opportunities present in the PC peripherals market. PC peripherals are those devices that are externally connected to the PC in order to augment its capabilities such as keyboards, mouse, printers, scanners, routers and so on. As the demand for innovative and ergonomic devices rise in the modern workplace, the peripherals market is seeing a distinct growth. According to a Technavio research, ergonomic keyboards are i

How partners can optimise prospects in the cloud storage market

Reseller ME explores how channel partners can optimise the prospects present in selling cloud storage solutions. Cloud technologies are significantly changing the way businesses operate. More and more organisations are seeing its varied benefits and are implementing it to improve efficiencies. As the volume of data is expected to reach staggering figures, increasing number of businesses are seriously looking to cloud for storage options. While the adoption of cloud has progressed considerably,