As a Content Specialist and a Freelancer Technology Writer based in Dubai, I work with IT firms and publishing houses to produce engaging and effective communications.

Prior to starting an entrepreneurial career, I was heading Reseller Middle East magazine as the Editor and contributed to www.tahawultech.com at CPI Media Group.

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"A word after a word after a word is power."

Margaret Atwood

Partner business is vital: Belkin CEO Chet Pipkin

Editor Janees Reghelini catches up with Chet Pipkin, Founder and CEO, Belkin International and the firm’s META Managing Director Amanulla Khan, at its recent Middle East launch of mesh networking product, Velop, to learn the role partners will play for its future business. Belkin International was born more than three decades ago when Chet Pipkin realised easy-to-use cables connecting one to the other didn’t exist in the market. Kick starting the company from his parents’ garage way back in 198

HPE urges channel partners to “transform lives” through tech

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Middle East vice president and managing director Dr. Fabio Fontana speaks about inspiring channel partners to come together towards a common goal of making people’s lives better. Digital transformation is at the forefront of most strategies and boardroom conversations. No longer is it an abstract concept that is indefinable but a definite driver for business success. Organisations truly understand that to thrive and sustain long-term operations, they cannot do without

"Our people-first strategy is a key business driver": Lenovo DCG

Bruno Mancuso, senior channel leader, MEA and Sithi Sahleena, volume program leader, META, Lenovo Data Center Group, emphasise the importance of inculcating a people-first culture, both internally as well as with channel partners. Having a ‘people-first’ strategy is one of the most important aspects for an organisation to get ahead. Succeeding in the digital era is not only about the technology implemented, smart processes in place or even the profits. At the end of the day, people do business

Billion-dirham distributor StarLink sets sights on stellar growth

Billion-dirham distributor StarLink’s MD Nidal Othman and GM Mahmoud Nimer disclose the secret to its successful and growing operations for over a decade and share strategies for the new year. When regional value-added distributor StarLink set up its business as a security specialist, it’s primary objective was to be the ‘link’ for its ‘star’ vendors. 14 years on and the secret to the company’s success continues to be its unwavering dedication to its initial mission. Having closed 2018 with tot

Prospects in peripherals: opportunities for tech channel partners

Industry experts reveal how technology channel partners can capitalise on the opportunities present in the PC peripherals market. PC peripherals are those devices that are externally connected to the PC in order to augment its capabilities such as keyboards, mouse, printers, scanners, routers and so on. As the demand for innovative and ergonomic devices rise in the modern workplace, the peripherals market is seeing a distinct growth. According to a Technavio research, ergonomic keyboards are i

Veritas Technologies on enabling partners to harness the power of data

Geoff Greenlaw, senior director, head of channels, EMEA Emerging Markets, Veritas Technologies, calls out to ‘born in the cloud partners’ to come on board to jointly address regional customers’ evolving challenges around information management. Deriving impactful and valuable insights from data is the cornerstone of every business today. However, this is easier said than done. With the heightened use of mobile devices, social media platforms and increasing adoption of advance technologies such

Redington Value's path to redefining distribution in the region

In a competitive marketplace, only those firms who dare to distinguish themselves through innovative initiatives and ensures they are at the forefront of change can hope to flourish over the next decade. Tahawul Tech speaks to Ramkumar Balakrishnan, president, Redington Value, to discover how the firm aims to redefine distribution. The regional distribution space has undergone several stages of changes over the years. One of the most notable differences has been the shift to solutions-based dis

Dell EMC's new channel chief on partner strategy

Janees Reghelini speaks to the new Channel Sales Director for Dell EMC’s partner-led business in META, Havier Haddad, to learn how resellers can win the race by taking advantage of the new company’s combined strength. Any petrolhead knows the overwhelming excitement at the start line. The smell of petrol, the rev of engines, the adrenaline. That’s the atmosphere Dell EMC wants to create for its partner community as it begins its new journey following the largest technology merger in history. Th

Red Hat on partners' role in the open ecosystem

Lee Miles, Regional General Manager, Red Hat, shares insights on open source and the roles partners can play in this ecosystem. What has been the focus at Red Hat over the last few months? In the last several months, we have increased our focus on certifications in the region. Customers look at Red Hat and its partner ecosystem quite confidently as there are many Red Hat certified personnel in the market. That has been a heavy focus for us in the last 12 months. The focus for the next year wil

Effective engagement success

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit ‘the entertainment capital of the world’ – Las Vegas, to attend IBM’s annual PartnerWorld Leadership Conference. At the event IBM urged its partners to ‘differentiate’ and to ‘move’ along with the evolving market trends. The company is changing its market and channel strategies along the lines of what they call, ‘CAMS’ – Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social. One of the key takeaways that I would like to share here is around ‘engagement’. The region is

For a stronger bond

In one of my previous columns, I had spoken about customer service on the retail front. This time I want to focus on customer service on the B2B end. One of the major differences between the two is that B2B customer service is a lot more than an individual transaction. It is about developing lasting relationships. And the Middle East market is all about relationships, as we know. And the first element to any relationship is building trust. Because, even though it is between two organisations, a
Some of my favourite covers when I was heading Reseller Middle East
I love the creative side to this, thinking of ideas, blending the cover line with the image, discussing with designers, etc.
I was fortunate to work with some very talented designers at CPI Media Group
We had some annual features and each year we strived to make them look different
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